Returning to the Forest

September 24, 2017By PandaCamping, Hiking, Women on the Trail 1 Comment

The Call It’s been a while since we’ve been able to sleep under the trees and the stars; this summer has been a whirlwind of work, friends, and let’s not forget the wildfires in the PNW making going outside sometimes detrimental to your health. Micheal and I also both hate heat, bugs, and the throngs … Read More

Gearing up

August 6, 2017By PandaGear 1 Comment

Camping is a fairly new endeavor for me since moving here in November of 2016, although Micheal has been doing it casually for quite a few years. Initially, I relied solely on him for all things camping, until one day we met a man by the name of Michael Waterford at Next Adventure, a local … Read More

Camping with Aunt Flow

June 15, 2017By PandaCamping, Hiking, Women on the Trail

Let’s face it, ladies, when you’ve planned, packed, and begun preparing for the freedom of being outdoors, nothing is worse than having your dreams dashed by the invasion of that monthly visitor. How do you cope and get through your trip without your creature comforts helping you through the cramps, cravings, and mood swings? More … Read More

Siuslaw National Forest

April 4, 2017By PandaCamping

One way to decide where to go for a weekend camping getaway in the Pacific Northwest in March is basically just to see where it isn’t raining. On this particular weekend, a look at the radar and some weather research led us to the Oregon Coast (of all places), and specifically to Siuslaw National forest, … Read More